Article 1

Divorce in Canada: a primer on child support

Child support determinations in Canada often begin with use of the Federal Child Support tables. These tables guide the determination of how much the payor parent should provide to the recipient parent.

Article 2

Drug-Impaired Driving Changes in Anticipation of Legalization

With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use comes changes to drug-impaired driving laws and detection methods. Understanding the new rules and the implications of drug-impaired driving is critical for drivers and those who share the roads with them.

Article 3

How do Self-Sufficiency and Spousal Support Relate to Each Other?

This article discusses the concept of “self-sufficiency” as it relates to spousal support.

Article 4

Roadside Licence-Suspension Law Struck Down by Court

The Alberta Court of Appeal has struck down a DUI roadside licence-suspension law for being unconstitutional.

Article 5

Three Ways Emotional Thinking Can Ruin a Divorce Settlement

Divorce puts people into an almost impossible situation whereby they are asked to make important financial and legal decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives while also dealing with the end of their marriage.